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Motivate - 30 Day Program

Motivate - 30 Day Program

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Motivate is designed to get you moving with only 3-4 workouts per week for less than 40 minutes a session. Whether you’re a beginner or you are someone who has taken a step back from training, this program is the perfect first (or next) step for you!



The best time for new beginnings is NOW.

About the program

  • 30-day training program with a 3-day training split plus optional 4th.
  • Sessions are approx. 30-40 minute workouts, including finisher (end of session burn out)
  • Training split: x 2 full body, x 1 glutes & core focus, x 1 cardio/core (optional)
  • Choose to train at the gym or home. Home equipment includes booty bands & dumbbells.
  • Pick a goal - fat loss, tone up, booty building - and the LSF app will generate your calories and macros for the 30 days.
  • Meal plans ‘express-style’ (easy to prep, simple recipes), so you spend less time in the kitchen.
  • Regular and vegetarian options available.
  • Use the app swap feature to change your meals throughout the day!


Once you sign up to the program, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the LSF app.

With this program, you will have access to the app for 30 days PLUS an additional two weeks for free viewing.

Your program will begin (day one) as soon as you access it.

Please note: All programs purchased must be started within 4 weeks of purchase.

Any issues with the app, please contact us at

Got Questions?

Simply contact Team LSF at to speak to our customer support, personal trainers, nutritionists and/or supplement experts.

We are here to support you at every stage of your health & fitness journey!

If at anytime you are unable to continue your program due to extenuating circumstances, please contact us for assistance.

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Motivate - 30 Day Program
Motivate - 30 Day Program
Regular price $81.00 AUD
Regular price Was $0.00 AUD Sale price $81.00 AUD
Out of Stock
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FAQs - Fitness Programs

Are there different levels to Lauren's programs or is it for all fitness levels?

As the programs are personalized for your own individual needs, they can be made for all fitness levels. Each program increases in difficulty and intensity throughout the period of time to constantly challenge your body.

Can I double up my training sessions?

More is not always better, so we don’t recommend you double up your training sessions - two workouts twice a week does not equal one workout four times per week which is why Lauren has designed her programs to be spaced out throughout the week to include rest days. The split between rest days and training days is so important to your progression and achieving your goals. However, we understand that with busy schedules you may need to change things around, if this is the case please contact one of our trainers at and we’ll be happy to help.

Are Lauren's meal plans recipe based?

Lauren’s customised programs have a macro based meal plan, which means you will receive a carb, protein and fat ingredient and you can prepare it how you want, Lauren provides guidance on this before the program begins. Lauren’s challenges are recipe based so all the hard work is done for you, all you need to do is cook them up.

Can I adjust or customise the meal plans?

Your plan is customised to your individual food preferences and goals. You will be able to swap your meals from within your plan. If you have any other questions on adjusting your plan, email us at

When will I receive my program?

Within a few hours of placing your order for one of Lauren Simpson’s programs you will receive a welcome email with a few pre-program tasks to complete. After a couple of days you will be redirected to the members portal and asked to provide further information about your training history, nutrition, and preferences so I can personalise your plan for you. Once you have logged into the members portal and completed the extra information on meal and training preferences, 24 hours later your program will be ready and we will send you an email to remind you. If you don’t receive your program within 24 hours of completing your additional information around preferences, please check your other folders (spam, promotion, etc). If you are still unable to find your program, please email Lauren’s Team at with your order details.