Need help deciding whether you should focus on fat loss or muscle gain? I’m here to help!

When starting a training program, it is essential to have a clear goal in sight. 

But which should you choose? Let me break it down for you!
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Are you looking for ways to amp up your skin's natural glow? Well girls, I’ve got you covered!

Nutrition actually has the ability to help create a beautiful radiant glow. 

So what foods have this beauty-boosting effect? Here are my top 5 picks!
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Have you ever set out to exercise, but then when the time comes, you’re totally not bothered? The struggle is real!

Having the motivation to exercise can be totally challenging, especially when you're busy, tired, or have other commitments.

So what can you do to boost your motivation? Here are my top tips to get you pumped up and ready to slay your workout!
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Babes, your BIGGEST transformation of the year is here! 

The GLOW UP challenge is BACK and better than ever. Get ready to SHOW UP and GLOW UP in ALL aspects of your life so you can look and feel your best!

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Have you been trying to gain muscle but seeing little progress? Building muscle is a slow process, but I promise, with consistency, the right nutrition and training program, you CAN achieve your goal!

Here are 5 ways you can boost your muscle gain progress and ensure you are on the right track to achieve your physique goal!
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From under eating and doing cardio to fueling her body and building muscle, #LSFbabe Jess has been able to achieve an INCREDIBLE transformation!

Jess joined LSF in hopes of building muscle, after unsuccessful past attempts. Once becoming part of the LSF community, Jess was able to completely change her mindset around nutrition.

Having been scared to initially increase her calories, Jess was able to up her calorie intake and FINALLY build some muscle!

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Struggling to stick to your calories?

Being in a calorie deficit can be mega challenging. You may experience cravings and temptations that can be really hard to ignore, but don’t let it derail you!

So, how can you avoid falling off track and stick to your calorie goals? Here are my top 5 tips! 

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The key to seeing great results isn’t just exercise and nutrition… it's patience!

When you want to achieve a specific physique goal, it can be really easy to get impatient and feel frustrated with your progress.

So how can you remain patient whilst on your fitness journey? Here are my top tips! 

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Want that post-workout glow? Then you need to take care of your skin babes!

We all know that exercise has AMAZING skin benefits. 

Sounds perfect right? But babes, if you do not take care of your skin before and after working out, that post-workout glow will likely become a recipe for breakouts and congestion.

Here are my top tips for clear, glowing post-workout skin!  
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So many girls join LSF with the goal of getting ‘toned’ — but what if I told you that toning isn’t really what you think it is?

I'm going to separate fact from fiction and break down some super common questions I get about toning so you can actually achieve more muscle definition and less body fat! 

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Are you doing all you can to achieve the body of your dreams? Working out is only half the battle! 

Knowing which supplements to take, when to take them, and even how the supplement will benefit you can be overwhelming to figure out on your own.

But no need to stress, babes - here is the ultimate supplement guide to help you train at your peak, accelerate muscle recovery, and maximise the results you’ll get from your workouts!
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We all know protein is essential for fat loss and muscle building goals, but reaching those high protein targets can be a struggle, especially for all my plant-based babes. 

Blessed is plant-based, dairy-free AND gluten-free for all my #LSFbabes who follow a plant-based diet or have food sensitivities.

But who said you just have to drink a plain old protein shake? Here are my top 5 recipes that use Blessed in a creative way for ultimate deliciousness!

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