The Benefits of Volume Training

Have you heard of volume training? I’m super excited to bring this new training focus to Lift With Lauren Phase 2!

What is volume training?

Volume is an essential training variable. The amount of reps and sets you do dictates the exercise volume. More reps, more sets = higher volume training! 

When doing high volume training, you can expect to perform anywhere between 3-5 sets with around 12 - 20 reps per exercise. Whilst that may seem like a lot, volume training is designed to be done with slightly lighter weights than you would usually use if you were performing fewer reps and sets. Volume training is best done for a shorter period of time, such as 4 weeks, which is why I’ve used volume training in my 4 week Lift With Lauren Phase 2.

Wondering what's so great about volume training? Let me break down the benefits! 

Designed to take you to the next level - particularly if you’ve plateaued or are an advanced trainer

Always performing the same rep ranges can lead to a plateau, especially if you consider yourself an intermediate or advanced trainer. The best way to break past this is to play with volume as a training variable. 

Volume training with higher reps will challenge your muscles in new ways. A new stimulus will activate your muscles and promote new adaptations to boost muscle growth and strength. Studies show that high reps (15+) optimizes muscular endurance and can therefore be a useful strategy to mix up your training whilst building lean muscle mass. 

Helps increases lean muscle mass

To build muscle, the muscles need to be overloaded and given time to recover to grow bigger. Performing exercises with high volume increases the load on the muscles. Volume training exposes muscle fibers to hypertrophy, as higher rep ranges force your muscles to contract and increase time under tension. Placing muscles under increased demand for longer will lead to increased lean muscle mass.

May assist with fat loss and creating a ‘lean’ physique

Whilst high volume training may help build lean muscle mass, the amount of muscle gain will be less than heavier strength training. Volume training will help give your muscle shape and definition - so no need to be afraid of getting ‘bulky!

Additionally, the more lean muscle mass you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate will be. This is because muscle is a highly metabolically active tissue that requires your body to burn more energy to simply maintain it. Plus, volume training increases the time it takes to perform each exercise session. This means by simply completing a high volume workout, you will be burning more calories due to the duration it takes to finish an exercise session!

Gives you a chance to perfect your technique

Decreasing the weight you lift and increasing the reps gives your body a chance to get comfortable with the movement pattern and nail technique. Lifting lighter gives you the opportunity to hone in on mind-muscle connection so you can feel the correct muscles working. 

Once you’ve finished your high volume training block, your technique will be on point - you’ll be ready to resume lifting heavy with a new found confidence and technique improvement! 

Want to give high volume training a try?

I’m SO excited about incorporating high volume training into Lift With Lauren Phase 2! Let’s work on boosting muscular endurance, lean muscle mass and technique together. But get in quick - Lift With Lauren Phase 2 is only available for the next 4 weeks!

Lauren xx