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Ready to take your nutrition to the next level?

Okay, so you’ve got your workout program sorted, training schedule locked in and exercise technique on point - but you’re not feeling you’re all there with your nutrition! Don’t fret - you are not alone!

My meal plans offer a well-balanced, high-protein and nutrient-dense approach to ensure you are optimally fuelled to achieve your goals. The meal plan is NOW available on the LSF App! You can now plan out your meals for the week and have a shopping list as well as swap out any recipes you don't like!

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Giving you access to


My 8-week meal plan will provide you with:

  • 5 meals a day based on your caloric intake and fitness goal
  • Access to hundreds of recipes and the ability to change meal options to suit your needs and tastes
  • Simple, delicious and nutritious meals that are created with health and results in mind
  • Easy-to-follow daily calorie and macro breakdowns
  • Balanced macronutrients ratios to support muscle mass development and maintenance
  • Regular or vegetarian meal plans available


  • How to select your caloric intake based on your goal
  • Progress tracker to help you visualise your journey
  • Weekly shopping list to make your life that little bit simpler
  • 24/7 support from my team of health, nutrition and transformation experts

Your 8-week meal plan is now available through the LSF App! It can also be delivered via my LSF Online Training Platform, all in the palm of your hand! You will have access to your plan for the full 8-weeks once you start, and when completed you will have an additional 2 weeks to access your plan. 

We recommend downloading your plan into the simplified PDFs during this time as your access will be cut off after this time. Unfortunately we are not able to extend access beyond this time frame.

Simply shoot an email through to

My 24/7 team of accredited fitness experts are here for you at every stage of your journey! 

If at anytime you are unable to continue your program due to extenuating circumstances please contact the support team for assistance.

Vegetarian or Regular meal plans available.


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