All About Goal Getter Challenge 2023

Goal Getter is back and better than ever before! Whether you’ve started the year strong, or not, this challenge is designed to keep you focused, and accountable & help you reach your body goals.

This is not a one size fits all approach. With this challenge, you will select one of two goals and unlock a customised plan specific to your chosen focus.

About Goal Getter

Whether you want to drop some body fat, maintain muscle and get lean OR create some feminine curves, get stronger and build those glutes, this challenge is about giving you the tools you need to make your transformation possible and to get the exact results you want.

The Two Goals You Can Choose From
At the beginning of the challenge, you will be prompted to choose the goal that suits you. Depending on the goal you have chosen, you will be provided with an individualised nutrition and workout plan to transform both your physique and mindset!

The two goal options to choose from are:
- Get Lean: For the girls who want to get their shred on! If you want to drop body fat and maintain muscle & tone, this is the option for you!
- Glute Builder: For the booty-gain Queens. Glute Builder is designed to help you build strong feminine curves and grow those glutes.

Once you choose your goal, you'll get access to an intensive 8-week training program designed to help you achieve it. Simply select 'Home' or 'Gym' and start transforming your body and mind.

Can I Choose Both Goals?
Our programs are tailored specifically to the individual goal for which they are created. We don't do one-size-fits-all here! Because these two goals require vastly different training protocols, it is not recommended to swap between programs.

Consistency is Queen, so we urge you to choose your goal, commit to it, and see what you can achieve with 8 weeks of consistency.

About the Workouts
The ‘Get Lean’ program combines traditional strength training with fat-burning cardio to help you decrease body fat while simultaneously maintaining muscle and tone. There are 6x workouts each week that are approximately 45 minutes - 1 hour in duration. The training split is:
- Lean Legs
- Defined & Toned Upper
- Full Body Blaster
- Glute Burner
- Upper Body Blast
- Cardio & Shredded Abs
- Get Lean Rest Day

The ‘Glute Builder’ program focuses on strength & resistance training. Over 8 weeks, this program will help you develop some lean tissue, get stronger and of course, build those glutes. There are 6x workouts each week that are approximately 1 hour in duration.
The training split is:
- Total Glute Burner
- Sculpted Upper + Shredded Abs 
- Glute Gains
- Rest & Recover
- Defined Upper & Strong Abs - Lower Body Build
- Rest & Recover

About the Nutrition
Our meal plans are custom-built to help you build your dream bod! Whichever goal you chose, you will receive an 8-week meal plan designed to help you achieve it. Think, simple & delicious recipes, zero restrictions and 100% satiation!

Our LSF nutritionists have added highly requested NEW delicious recipes! At LSF, no food is off limits. We want to make healthy eating ENJOYABLE and EASY for you!

These are some of our fav meals you can keep an eye out for:
- NO-COOK lunches like the Japanese Chicken Rice Bowl or Fried Noodle Chicken Salad
- EASY PREP meals like peri peri chicken rice and tuna orzo pasta salad
- MORE protein oat variations
- Simple HIGH PROTEIN snacks like the trending freezer cookies
And so much more!

When does the challenge start and end?
The challenge begins on Monday 20th March and ends on Sunday 28th May 2023.

What is preseason and when does it start?
PRESEASON is a bonus complimentary 4 week program that you get to do BEFORE the challenge begins. PRESEASON is designed to get your body ready for the challenging Goal Getter workouts. PLUS, you’ll also get a 4 week meal plan to get you used to meal prepping and confident with cooking LSF meals!

PRESEASON begins as soon as you purchase GOAL GETTER. Doing PRESEASON is highly recommended, but it is OPTIONAL.

However, it’s vital that you SWITCH OVER TO GOAL GETTER (via the LSF APP) before the challenge begins (March 20th) so you don’t miss out on the first day of the challenge!

What equipment do you need to do home workouts?
You’ll need a booty band, long resistance band, and dumbbells.

Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action.

Sign ups are open so be sure to join the challenge NOW to secure your spot! Your next best transformation is waiting for you. Can’t wait to see you there!