Busting Fat Loss Myths for Good!

Not sure what advice you should believe when it comes to fat loss? There are SO many myths out there about the best way to eat and train to lose fat – but don’t fall for them babes!

Many years ago, I used to believe all the fat loss myths. I was overtraining, doing endless hours of cardio and majorly undereating. I was in the worst place mentally I had ever been. It wasn’t until I educated myself and improved my diet and training that I was able to achieve a healthy body with muscle definition and healthy body fat percentage.

Fat loss is a tricky area of nutrition and fitness, so I’m here to debunk the myths, separate fact from fiction, and share the truth with you!

Here are some fat loss myths you need to ditch ASAP! 

1. You need to cut out carbs to lose fat
Repeat after me: Carbs do not make you fat.

Needing to cut out carbs is definitely the BIGGEST myth I see going around when it comes to fat loss. Carbohydrates are a macronutrient, which means it is a nutrient we need to eat on a daily basis to function optimally. If you are training, carbs become even more important because the carbs fuel your muscles for exercise.

There is NO need to cut out ANY nutrient or food group from your diet. Cutting out carbs means not eating fruit, vegetables and wholegrains, which means you’ll be missing out on fibre – which could actually inhibit your fat loss progress!

Fibre is needed to keep you fuller for longer, regulate blood sugar levels, keep digestion healthy, and boost liver detoxification – all things that help fat loss and help keep you healthy!  

2. Bigger the calorie deficit = the more fat loss 
Whilst you do need to be in a calorie deficit to lose fat, you do not need to be in a calorie deficit that is too low! Lots of people think that to lose fat, you need to drop your calories excessively low – but this is simply not the case. In fact, too low of a calorie intake can actually slow down your metabolism and make fat loss harder! 

The optimal calorie deficit is 10-20% below your maintenance calories. This way, you will lose body fat at a steady and healthy rate that you can sustain! The meal plans on the LSF app are calorie friendly so you can be in a deficit whilst eating DELICIOUS foods like pizza, nachos, pasta, pancakes and more!

3. Cardio is the best style of training for fat loss
Many years ago, cardio was considered the best style of training for fat loss – so much so that I used to do endless hours of cardio every day thinking it was what’s best for me. But *news flash* there are better ways to lose fat than walking for hours on the treadmill.

Yes, cardio does burn a good amount of calories, but resistance training is super important for fat loss too! Resistance training builds muscle which increases your metabolism, making fat loss easier.

If you want to incorporate cardio into your routine, high intensity interval training (HIIT) is shown to burn more fat compared to hours of low intensity cardio. So you can head to the gym for a shorter time and burn more at the same time! 

4. You can spot reduce fat 
No matter how many crunches you do, you won’t be able to just reduce belly fat. That’s because you cannot spot reduce fat from certain areas of your body!

We have a certain amount of body fat that is distributed all throughout the body, it's just in some places more than others.

When you lose body fat, it reduces all over your body. Belly fat is often the hardest to lose because we naturally have more fat cells around our abdomen. So be patient! As long as you are in a calorie deficit and exercising, you will see fat loss! 

5. Fasting is the best way to lose fat
Intermittent fasting is all the hype nowadays! Whilst it is an effective method for some people, you do not need to fast for a large period of time to lose fat.

The reason why people lose fat when intermittent fasting is because they are merely eating less since there are less hours of the day where they allow themselves to eat.

You can achieve a healthy calorie deficit whilst eating at regular times. Whilst it is a good idea to allow your digestive system to rest by fasting for 12 hours each day (let's say from 8pm to 8am), fasting longer than this is not necessary.

Eat the way that makes your body feel best!

With all the misinformation about fat loss over the internet, I hope that I was able to clear up the myths and set the record straight! I know it can be totally confusing when trying to lose fat - but that’s why I’m here to help! 

LSF programs give you an 8 week exercise plan AND meal plan that will help you lose fat, improve your health and build your dream physique! Accessed through the LSF app, everything you need to succeed is at your fingertips! 

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Loz xx