The Truth About Getting Toned

So many girls join LSF with the goal of getting ‘toned’ — but what if I told you that toning isn’t really what you think it is?

Despite what the media says, ‘toning’ actually isn’t a thing in the fitness world! ‘Toning’ just refers to building muscle and reducing body fat — which are two separate fitness goals!

I'm going to separate fact from fiction and break down some super common questions I get about toning so you can actually achieve more muscle definition and less body fat! 

What does getting toned actually mean?
Generally ‘toned’ refers to seeing more muscle definition. To achieve this you need to build a reasonable amount of muscle to begin with and then attain a low enough body fat percentage to reveal it.

To put it simply, muscle gain minus body fat = ‘toned’ appearance. 

How can I achieve a 'toned' physique?
The best way is to focus on gaining muscle and dropping body fat separately, instead of trying to target both at the same time.

First, focus on a period of time where you will work towards gaining more muscle. Typically, #LSFbabes will have this goal during an 8-week challenge program.

Afterwards, your next training block should be focused on dropping body fat. This will allow the muscle that you’ve gained to be revealed by the reduction in body fat, resulting in a sculpted appearance. Most #LSFbabes achieve this by doing my Shred program or another 8-week challenge.

So remember, a muscle building phase followed by a fat loss phase = ‘toned’ appearance.

What's the best style of training to get 'toned'?
Most people want to achieve a ‘toned’ body by lifting light weights for lots of reps. But babes, this really isn’t what’s going to help you achieve that shredded and sculpted bod!

The best way to achieve a ‘toned’ physique is to focus on building muscle, which you achieve by lifting heavy weights for less reps.

FYI by ‘lifting heavy’, I mean lifting what is heavy for you. If doing squats holding 10kg dumbbells is what is challenging for you, then that's the weight you should be lifting! For others, a barbell is commonly used to load more resistance for those that have worked up to that level of strength.

Following a well-designed training program that utilizes progressive overload will allow you to build muscle and see far greater results than lifting light or doing endless cardio.

Babes, do not be afraid of lifting weights — it is what’s going to give you that strong and feminine muscle shape. 

Should I do cardio?
Of course you can do cardio, but don’t be mistaken. Doing hours of cardio or lots of HIIT training should not be your focus.

As long as cardio is accompanying a strength-based workout program, it will help you with your physique goals.

If cardio is all you do, then you won’t be building enough muscle to achieve that ‘toned’ look. 

How many calories should I be eating?
If you're in a muscle building phase, it’s best to be eating at a maintenance calorie level, or eating in a calorie surplus. This will help give your muscles the fuel it needs to build lean muscle mass.

When you are in your ‘shredding’ or fat loss phase, it’s best to be eating in a calorie deficit. This will help reduce body fat so the muscles you’ve been working so hard to build can be revealed for that sculpted look!

Don't stress — the LSF app makes this easy. When you sign up to the app and put in your goals, you will be able to select which calorie level is best suited for you!

If getting ‘toned’ is your goal, remember — it’s all about going through muscle building and shredding phases so you can achieve a sculpted feminine physique.

LSF makes achieving your physique goals super easy. You’ll get access to all the workouts and nutrition you need to make your fitness goals and reality!

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Loz xx