Celebrating LSF Mummas This Mother’s Day

Aren’t mothers just so powerful? Whether you are a stay at home mumma or working full time, all mothers are such superheroes taking care of kids and their families, and themselves.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to put the spotlight on all the LSF mummas out there who have been working so hard. It melts my heart seeing the positive impact being an #LSFbabe has had on all the amazing mothers that do my programs and challenges. LSF mums prove that you CAN balance making your health and fitness a priority with all the duties that come with looking after the kids!

To honour Mother’s Day, let's celebrate these four amazing women who are not only part of the LSF community, but are also outstanding mothers!

“Before LSF I would just run on the treadmill because I didn’t know how to do anything else. I would cut calories but not make the best food choices. Since I started this LSF challenge, I have finally learned how to eat right and workout effectively”.

“My husband has started to eat the LSF meals with me. My boys who are 3 and 6 try to do workouts with me. I know that watching me will have an impact on them and give them confidence that they can do the same things when they are older.”

“I love everything about being a mom. My boys give me a purpose and a reason to try and be a better person every day.”

Katelynn, LSF Mom

“I was a teen mom, a single mom, and now a stepmom! All the forms of moms no one ever dreams of and yet it’s the best thing of all!”

“I battled with mental health and weight gain. I needed accountability and someone to tell me that it was okay to put ME first, and I have LSF to thank for that.” 

“So mamas, don’t get too busy you forget to care for yourself! You can only give so much if you're empty!”

Brooke, LSF Mom

“I started LSF because I needed to make significant changes. Since covid hit, gyms shut down and I used that as an excuse to give up. Since starting LSF, I have felt more like myself”.

“My family is making healthier choices, and my daughter is witnessing a powerful woman in the making! I see her eyes on me and I know I’m setting a great example for her.”

"My daughter has been my world since the day I found out I was pregnant. She makes my whole world make sense.”

Alix, LSF Mom

“I started LSF because I always dreamed of being fit. I not only chose LSF for me, but for my daughter as well. I can go hiking with my little girl as she gets older, and I’d still be in good shape to enjoy those moments.”

“LSF has impacted me by having a better mood from being able to see results! I also have more energy to go out and play with my daughter.”

“My favourite thing about being a mom is seeing how a tiny human can mean so much to you and loves their momma!”

Christina, LSF Mom

Mother’s are SO powerful. It was so heart-warming reading all the inspiring stories from LSF mum’s all over the globe. Remember, it is never too late to start your fitness and wellness journey.

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I hope all mothers have a beautiful time celebrating Mother’s Day. Not part of my global girl gang? Join the LSF community today!

Loz xx