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I’m so proud to have recently been crowned a WBFF Worlds Bikini Champion!!! I am super grateful for this experience and I want you all to know that your love and support does not go unnoticed! My LSF babes are the best!
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I’m so proud to have recently been crowned a WBFF Worlds Bikini Champion!!! I am super grateful for this experience and I want you all to know that your love and support does not go unnoticed! My LSF babes are the best!

I was given the opportunity to share the WBFF stage with some of the most beautiful and inspirational women on the planet. I was so nervous up there - I was trying to remember all the hours of posing practice that I had done in the lead up to Worlds. My heart was pounding so hard, but you just have to remain confident as that’s what the judges are looking for. I knew I had worked hard for this moment - the way I looked and felt up on that stage was a product of every effort in the lead up to that competition. Every workout, every meal choice, every posing practice, every recovery massage, every early morning and late night, those everyday actions all contributed to what I presented on that stage, and I don’t just mean physically. Winning my crown was just the icing on the cake - the real prize was knowing I can achieve ANYTHING that I set my mind to, no matter how impossible it may seem - and that’s the same mindset that you girls should have, too!

If you told me 5 years ago that I would be running my own business and competing in fitness competitions, I would have laughed. Now that I have had a few days to reflect on what this whole experience means to me, I want to talk to you girls about what got me to where I am today. There are a few core beliefs that I attribute my progress and success to - not just on the stage, but in EVERYTHING that you do...

Lauren at WBFF

I am a work in progress

This means that while I am striving to be the best I can each and every day, I also understand that I don’t have to be perfect. I set the bar high with everything that I pursue, but I also understand that with each new day comes a new opportunity to better myself. If I ever have an off day, I remind myself that I have the chance to do better tomorrow. This attitude has helped me to nurture a state of self love rather than self loathing or negativity towards myself.

I allow myself to dream big

This isn’t something I was always capable of, but I have learnt this skill over the last couple of years. I used to allow myself to dream and set goals, but they were small. I now know that whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right! While I may not always know exactly the path I need to take, the first and most important step is just allowing myself to believe that I have a chance of achieving any dream I can imagine.

I speak to myself as I would my best friend

In the past, I would always punish myself; if I ate poorly, missed a workout or didn’t put in 100%, I would put myself down and be so unforgiving! This did nothing to help me to get where I wanted to go. In fact, it did the total opposite and would set back my confidence AND my progress.

Through years of practicing self love, I have learnt how to speak to myself with kindness, encouragement and understanding. I believe this has been a key factor in me progressing to the next level in fitness, business and my relationship with myself.

In order to combat negative self talk, you need to pay attention to your thoughts and break some pretty ingrained habits! I am not perfect, and I battle everyday to make sure I am practicing a positive and nurturing mindset. But with every goal that I achieve, and every day of working towards becoming a better me, I am reinforcing the power of positive self talk!

Lauren Simpson

Whether it's success or failure, it's an opportunity to learn

It’s always scary and risky putting yourself out there, whether it’s competing in front of the whole world or just joining a gym for the first time, there is always a fear of failure. For some, this fear can be paralysing and can get in the way of you stepping outside of your comfort zone. I believe that your mindset has so much power to determine how you react to uncomfortable situations like failure. Girls, you need to approach challenges in your life knowing they will make you a better person no matter the outcome! If you succeed, then you know that your efforts have been correct, and if you do not succeed, you have the opportunity to learn how to do better next time. Simply seeing challenges from this perspective makes it easier to step outside your comfort zone as well as helps you recover faster when things don’t go according to plan.

I surround myself with positivity

I did not end up on that stage without the help and support of others. You are a product of your environment and I make a conscious effort to allow very specific people into my inner circle. These people are positive, honest, supportive, hard working and passionate, and they inspire me every day. This includes you, my #LSFbabes! I spend so much time following your journeys, and your progress (both physical and mental) is often what drives me to keep putting one foot in front of the other in the direction of my dreams. When women support each other, rather than compare and criticise, amazing things can happen! So choose your inner circle carefully and make sure that they embody the characteristics and values you wish to have yourself.

WBFF worlds

One thing I really want you girls to do is to simply TAKE ACTION. You may have heard me say it time and time again - you’re never going to be 100% ready and it’s never going to be just the right time, but that’s the point. It means that every moment is also the right moment.

If you want it, go for it!

I want you to get out there the moment you finish reading this and do these simple things:

  • Take life one day at a time
  • Dream BIGGER
  • Train your mindset
  • Take the opportunity to learn
  • Choose your inner circle wisely

There you have it babes, those are my core beliefs that I practice every single day. This has helped me become stronger (physically and mentally). Change starts from the inside, so love yourself and aim to be the best possible version of yourself!

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