My Top Skincare Tips for Working Out

Want that post-workout glow? Then you need to take care of your skin babes!

We all know that exercise has AMAZING skin benefits. As we exercise, blood flow to the skin increases, delivering oxygen and essential nutrients to skin cells for their regeneration. Plus, working up that sweat helps remove toxins from the skin!

Sounds perfect right? But babes, if you do not take care of your skin before and after working out, that post-workout glow will likely become a recipe for breakouts and congestion.

Here are my top tips for clear, glowing post-workout skin!  

1. Ensure your skin is clean pre-workout
If you struggle with breakouts, it may be best to work out with bare skin. Starting exercise with clean skin means you’re less likely to cause congestion, especially as you start sweating!

You could quickly use a cleansing wipe on your skin to remove excess oil, dirt and bacteria that is on the skin surface — you’d be surprised how much of it builds up throughout the day!

If you’re like me and prefer training with makeup on, try and keep the makeup light. Opt for a lightweight oil-free tinted moisturizer and strategically placed concealer to build up coverage instead of using your fullest coverage foundation.

Alternatively, keep your skin bare but throw on some mascara and fill in your brows to feel a little more pulled together! 

2. Avoid touching your face
This is especially important if you train at a gym! As you’re working out, you're touching dumbbells, machines, weight plates… Can you imagine how many other people have touched those same items too?

Sadly, not everyone practices good hygiene (you should always wipe down equipment after use), which means you could be touching loads of bacteria.

Touching your face during your workout after you’ve already touched lots of shared equipment can expose your skin to acne-causing bacteria. So babes, try the best you can to avoid touching your face at all times! 

3. Wipe away that post-workout sweat
We all know how sweaty a heavy lifting session can get! Sweat helps push toxins out of the skin, but if you don’t wipe it off, toxins will be left on the skin surface and cause congestion!

The best way to overcome this is to wipe your skin with a cleansing wipe, or use a regular cleanser to eliminate impurities left on the skin surface.

You can also regularly pat your skin with a clean gym towel during your workout to help prevent excessive build up of sweat!

4. Spritz the skin
This is the step you don’t want to miss if you’re seeking that post-workout luminosity!

After your skin has been cleansed post-workout, grab a face mist and generously spritz your skin. Not only does it give your skin that juicy, radiant glow, but it will help to hydrate the surface layer of your skin as well.

Adequately hydrating your skin is essential for ALL skin types — yes, even for oily gals! Oil production actually increases if your skin is dehydrated, so be sure to hydrate your face post-workout! 

Loz with glowing skin

Regularly working out combined with good skincare practices is the recipe for healthy glowing skin that we are all seeking. Be sure to implement my skincare tips the next time you do an LSF workout!

And don’t forget about the power good nutrition has on healthy skin too — especially these top nutrients for glowing skin!

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Loz xx