How To Be Patient With Your Fitness Progress

The key to seeing great results isn’t just exercise and nutrition… it's patience!

When you want to achieve a specific physique goal, it can be really easy to get impatient and feel frustrated with your progress.

You might find yourself thinking “I’m exercising and eating healthy, so why haven’t I seen results yet?”.

Well babes, the answer to your question is that exercise + nutritious eating + patience = results.

So how can you remain patient whilst on your fitness journey? Here are my top tips! 

1. Have Realistic Goals and Expectations
Whether your goal is fat loss, or muscle gain, results do not happen overnight. In fact, these goals take weeks and months to achieve.

Having goals helps keep you accountable and give you something to work towards — but your goals need to be realistic in order for you to actually make progress. 

So let’s say your goal is fat loss. That’s a totally attainable goal! But aiming to lose 15kg in four weeks would be quite unrealistic.

Don’t set yourself up for disappointment. Be reasonable about your goals and expectations and you’ll end up seeing better results in the long run.

2. Use Better Ways To Measure Progress
Often, it can be really hard to see small changes in your own body. But babes, no matter how small the progress — it’s still progress. You’re still one step closer towards your goal. 

I recommend using non-scale ways to track your progress. One of my favourite methods is to take progress photos. Take pictures of yourself from the front, side, and back, so you have photos to compare with as the weeks go by. It’s best to take your photos first thing in the morning before you’ve eaten for a more accurate picture.

If you don’t see any visible changes yet, don’t stress! Sometimes the body can take a little longer to produce the changes in your physique.

It can also be useful to take measurements such as waist and hip measurements. These types of body measurements are usually a lot more accurate than relying on a scale. Scale weight can fluctuate so much, so do not ever be discouraged by what the scales say. And remember, the scale does not define your worth! 

3. Don't Compare Yourself To Others
Girls, even if we all did the exact same workouts and ate the exact same food, we would all progress at different rates! Your body is unique to you.

Just because someone else is progressing faster than you, doesn’t mean that you’re not progressing.

Whilst seeing other #LSFbabes transformations can be super motivating, do not compare yourself to them. Comparison is not going to help you. Instead, just keep focusing on doing the best you can with your workouts and nutrition! 

4. Stay Consistent
Staying consistent is key to seeing results. If you feel impatient and give up, you will never see results.

You have to keep with it, babes! Even when you feel a little demotivated, pick yourself back up, and keep on going with your LSF workouts and meal plan!

Trust the process. Keep showing up. Do the best you can to achieve the results of your dreams. It CAN and WILL happen if you stay consistent! 

Whilst it’s totally normal to feel impatient and demotivated from time to time, you need to remember that your fitness journey is NOT a race. Slow and steady is always the best approach to reaching your physique goals.

Patience is the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to seeing progress. I believe in you all, babes!

My #LSFbabes prove time and time again that achieveing the physique of your dreams IS possible!

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Loz xx