How Often Should I Exercise To Get Results?

Babes, I know life can be so busy! Making time to exercise almost every day of the week is a big commitment and it can be so stressful trying to make time for everything!

If you find yourself not having time to workout six days a week, you’re not the only one. A lot of #LSFbabes are busy gals! So do you really have to workout six days a week? Can you work out less and still get results? It’s time to train smarter, not harder!

How many days a week should I train?
Babes, you can work out as little as three days a week and still get INCREDIBLE results! It all comes down to how the workout is constructed.

For example, exercise programs that are 5-6 days per week have a specific training split so that different muscle groups are worked each day. This gives each muscle group enough rest between sessions. Isolation exercises like cable kickbacks and bicep curls are included in these types of programs to target specific muscles.

But guess what babes, you can train three days a week and get results as well! Training programs that are three days a week (like my NEW Full Body Blitz program) are constructed as full body workouts. This is so all the major muscle groups like lower body, upper body, and core are being exercised. This is achieved through compound exercises, which are exercises that use multiple muscles at once like squats, deadlifts, and push ups.

How long should I exercise for?
Did you know you can exercise for as little as 30 minutes and still get all the amazing fitness benefits? Express workouts are perfect for all my busy gals!

The best way to make the most of shorter workouts is to keep the intensity up! Compound exercises keep the intensity up because the body has to work hard to use multiple muscles simultaneously. The more muscles used, the harder the workout, the more calories you burn!

If you have the time, you can have longer workout sessions by incorporating both compound and isolation exercises. This is useful if you have a very specific goal like wanting to strengthen a certain muscle as opposed to overall fitness.

Will I get results if I train 3x a week for 30 minutes?
YES! It all comes down to following a well-constructed workout plan! My BRAND NEW Full Body Blitz program has been specifically designed by me to ensure that all my busy babes get maximum results with minimum exercise time!

Full Body Blitz features 30-45 minute workouts that you can do three times a week, plus an optional forth workout focused on glutes and abs! I wanted to help make my #LSFbabes lives easier so exercise can fit into your busy lifestyle. Full Body Blitz includes high intensity full body workouts so no muscle group goes unmissed!

Full Body Blitz Workout Card

Remember, making time for exercise should not be adding more stress to your busy life. Instead, focus on what you can make time for and make the most of it! Ready to improve your fitness without the added stress?

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Loz xx