Fat Loss vs Muscle Gain: How To Pick Your Goal

Need help deciding whether you should focus on fat loss or muscle gain? I’m here to help!

When starting a training program, it is essential to have a clear goal in sight. Knowing whether you are striving towards fat loss or muscle gain will help boost motivation and allow you to see better results.

But which should you choose? Let me break it down for you! 

Fat Loss

Fat loss, also known as ‘shredding’, aims to reduce body fat. 

Focusing on this goal will help you slim down, and help create a toned appearance. 

Long gone are the days of endless hours of cardio and under-eating to lose fat. At LSF, we focus on strength training and cardio to help you maintain as much muscle mass as possible. This will help you feel strong, energised, and even help boost your metabolism further.

Wanting to lose fat means you’ll need to be in a calorie deficit (eating less calories than your burning). Prioritising protein, complex carbs and healthy fats will help keep you full and make it easier to stay compliant in your calorie deficit. LSF meal plans make this SUPER easy, with access to over 750+ DELICIOUS meals that makes sticking to your calories easy! 

Is fat loss and weight loss the same thing?

Let's get this straight — fat loss and weight loss are two different things!

Fat loss involves a reduction in body fat percentage, whilst weight loss is a reduction of your overall body weight (including water, muscle and fat). 

Fat loss is a much healthier goal to have as it focuses on reducing body fat, whilst preserving as much muscle as possible. This is what will give you that ‘toned’ appearance, whilst keeping you strong and fit! 

Fat Loss Infographic

Muscle Gain

Muscle gain, also referred to as muscle building, booty building, or ‘bulking’ is all about increasing your muscle mass. 

Focusing on this goal will create a strong physique with defined muscles. And no — you will NOT get 'bulky'!

Strength training whilst focusing on heavy lifting is the best type of training to achieve this goal. You’ll need to focus on progressive overload (regularly increasing resistance) in order to continually challenge your muscle and help stimulate its growth. 

You will also need to be in a calorie surplus (eating more calories than your burning) to provide the fuel needed to grow muscle. Eating more can be both mentally and physically challenging, but I promise, if you’re serious about building muscle, then that’s where the magic really happens! 

It’s important to note that your ‘scale weight’ will increase when you build muscle, and that's merely because muscle weighs more than fat. Gaining ‘weight’ is not a bad thing. It is TOTALLY worth the benefits! 

Muscle Gain Infographic

Should I focus on fat loss or muscle gain first?

This depends on your current physique and goals. 

If you believe that you have a higher body fat percentage, then you should focus on fat loss first, before switching to a muscle-building goal. 

If you are naturally quite lean and wish to build more shape, then focus on muscle building first and only focus on fat loss afterward if necessary. 

Whichever your goal is, you should focus on it consistently for at least 8 weeks to see results. 

When training for WBFF, I focused on building, followed by shredding. It really helped me create shape before leaning out. I ended up being crowned World Bikini Champion!

Picking a goal is essential in order to achieve the best results. Whether you wish to lose fat or build muscle, your goal can be achieved with us at LSF! 

When starting an LSF program or challenge, you will be able to select your goal. Based on your selection, you’ll be given a DELICIOUS meal plan that fits within the calories needed for you to achieve your goal! 

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Loz xx