5 Meal Prep Tips You Need To Know!

Looking for ways to help you stick to healthy eating? Meal prep is the solution!

It can be way too easy to order takeaway and eat foods that make you feel less than best completely out of convenience. We all know the feels of being too tired to cook — but that’s when meal prepping comes to the rescue!

Meal prep makes it MUCH easier to stick to eating healthy meals because it saves time AND effort in the long run!

Want to learn how to meal prep like a pro? Here are my top tips!

1. Plan your meals

The first step to meal prepping is knowing what you plan on eating! You need to decide what meals you wish to eat for the week.

Don’t stress, the LSF app makes this easy, since every program and challenge comes with a nutritionist-designed meal plan filled with DELICIOUS LSF recipes! If you're not an #LSFbabe yet, you can write out your meals on paper, or on your phone, or join us to make your life easier!

Using the LSF meal plan, look at your meals a week in advance and ensure you’re happy with the meals selected. If there are any meals that don’t suit your preferences, you can use the SWAP feature to pick a different meal instead. 

2. Grocery shop at the start of the week

The most efficient way to get meal prepping is to have all the ingredients you need in your kitchen at the start of the week! There is nothing more inconvenient than having to pop out to the shops when you realise you're missing an ingredient mid-cook! 

The LSF app generates a shopping list for you based on the recipes in your meal plan. So head to the grocery store with your LSF shopping list and purchase all the ingredients you’ll need! 

Many #LSFbabes love doing grocery shopping on a Saturday or Sunday, so they have what they need for meal prep before the start of the week begins. Also, be sure to never shop on an empty stomach. If you're hungry, you may end up putting extra foods in your trolley that weren’t on your list. 

3. Purchase pre-prepared ingredients

Cut corners where you can, babes! Purchasing pre-prepared ingredients can be a REAL time-saver in the kitchen!

These days, you can buy just about anything pre-prepared. You can buy pre-diced chicken breast, beef strips, pre-chopped vegetables and fruit — literally anything you can think of! Whilst purchasing pre prepared ingredients can be more costly — if it’s going to help you stick to your nutrition goals, then it is worth it. 

4. Batch cook

Cooking a larger batch of food is a major time-saver! Instead of just cooking one portion of a meal at a time, it is much more efficient to double or triple the recipe to cook a larger batch. This way, you can store the leftovers in containers, and you then have your lunch or dinner ready to eat for the next day! 

You’ll notice in your LSF meal plan, your dinner meal is often programmed as your lunch meal for the next day. This is the reason why! It’s easier for so many of our #LSFbabes to batch cook and simply reheat the meal when they are ready to eat it. 

The best part is, you can store cooked meals in the fridge for 3 days, or in the freezer for up to 3 months! 

5. Get good at multitasking

You may need a little practice to get good at it, but being able to multitask can cut your time in the kitchen in half! Depending on your kitchen space, you may be able to cook multiple meals or multiple elements of different meals at once. 

The key to this is to stay organized and utilise as many of your kitchen appliances as possible. For example, you could use a rice-cooker to cook your rice, while sweet potato is roasting in the oven, chicken breast is grilling on the stove top, and fish is cooking in the air-fryer. 

Keep the LSF app by your side, and you’ll be able to easily switch between recipes to keep your multitasking on track! 

Sticking to healthy eating can be a major struggle, but don’t let it set you back! With the right meal prepping strategies, you’ll be able to save time AND effort so you can achieve your fitness goals!

LSF programs turn your fitness goals from a dream into reality. Epic workouts to suit all fitness goals coupled with access to over 750+ nutritionist-approved recipes, you’ll be able to achieve anything you set your mind to!

Not an #LSFbabe yet? Join our Global Girl Gang today!

Loz xx