How to Stay Balanced This Halloween

Halloween can be a fun holiday to dress up, enjoy some treats and spend time with friends (as long as you’re doing this safely). I know that for a lot of my USA #LSFBabes this is a highlight of the year! Some people can find it hard to stay balanced when the vast array of treats and alcohol can be surrounding them. So, whether you’re going glam or gory this year, rest assured knowing that you CAN still enjoy yourself this Halloween while staying on track with your goals. Here are my top tips for getting through this holiday while still living your best life!

Mean Girls

Allow yourself to enjoy the treats
Honey, let go of the guilt that may be associated with Halloween foods. It’s okay to indulge from time to time. In fact, when we allow ourselves to indulge occasionally we will be less likely to binge on these foods. Restriction can lead to a cycle of overeating and binging in some people, as I always say “EAT THE DAMN CHOCOLATE”. Be confident in your knowledge and abilities to follow that 80/20 lifestyle and enjoy a few treats. Just like one salad won’t give you shredded abs, enjoying some halloween candy will have minimal impact on your overall progress. Want to learn my methods and get sustainable results? Sign up to my final challenge for 2020 – GLOW UP here!

Track like normal
If you’re tracking your dietary choices at the moment, indulging is not an excuse to stop tracking for the day. If you’re wanting to add some seasonal treats into your diet, swap out a snack and make some allowance for the treats. This way you can still be sure you’ll be moving towards reaching your goals, whatever they may be! Keep your protein high throughout the day to leave room for fats and carbs when you’re enjoying yourself later. The most important thing is to be transparent and honest with yourself! If you end up going over your calories, just accept it and move on! You’re one decision away from eating your normal meals and following your regular workout routine. For more info, I share all of my top fat loss secrets in the LSF hype girls podcast.

Candy calorie comparison

Make healthier choices
If you want to enjoy the holidays but would prefer to make healthier alternatives there are sooo many yummy options! Spooky faces made out of fruit and vegetables, a pumpkin spice smoothie, or pancakes. Check out my favourite pumpkin spice smoothie –

Spooky Pumpkin Pie Smoothie RecipeSpooky Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Recipe Method

Be mindful of alcohol consumption
Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram! As you can imagine, calories in alcohol can add up really quickly if you aren’t mindful of your consumption, especially if you are drinking themed cocktails and drinks. If you are going to drink alcohol, make room for these beverages within your calorie budget and stick to drinks that are simple and easy to keep track of. My favourite is a “skinny mojito”, which is vodka, fresh lime, mint and soda water.

Calories in Alcohol Beverages

Hallo-queens, it is possible to enjoy a holiday, have a few indulgent treats and still reach your goals! It just takes a little pre-planning and clever choices. Don’t strive for perfection, instead strive for balance in all areas of your training and nutrition. You’ve got this!

Loz xx