How To Set Goals You'll Actually Stick To

You’re all set and ready to make the most of the GOAL GETTER challenge — but do you know how to set goals you’ll actually stick to?

Having clear goals is essential to help you make and track progress, so you can achieve your dream transformation. But it's not just about setting any goals — you need to create specific and measurable goals that will help you set you up for success. 

So how exactly do you do this? Keep on reading for my tips! 

Know what you want to achieve

The first step to setting a goal you will actually stick to, is having a clear idea of what you actually want to achieve! The GOAL GETTER challenge allows you to pick an exact goal — either GET LEAN or GLUTE BUILDER. Take a moment to think about whether you want your primary goal to be fat loss or to work on growing your glutes. 

Whilst many people may have multiple goals (like fat loss AND building your glutes), it is always best to focus on one physique goal at a time. Dedicating yourself to just one goal allows you to make greater progress. If you’re part of the GOAL GETTER challenge, picking one goal and sticking to it will result in better progress by the end of the 8 weeks! 

Break down your main goal into micro goals

Micro goals are simply smaller goals that lead you to your main goal! These smaller goals allow you to create healthy habits that will help accelerate your progress and keep you on track. So let’s say your goal is GET LEAN (fat loss) — some smaller goals may be to eat more vegetables, sticking to your meal plan to the best of your ability, drinking more water, or taking your supplements regularly. 

Write these smaller goals down and refer back to them often. If you ever find yourself falling off track, look back at these micro goals, and make them part of your daily routine. The little things we do each day make a difference in the end! 

Be realistic

The number #1 reason people may not achieve their goals, is because the goal was unachievable in the first place! Whilst it’s great to set the bar high, drastic changes will need a longer time frame to be made. 

If you are part of an 8 week challenge, it’s vital to be realistic about what you can achieve. It takes time and ongoing consistency to make dramatic physique changes. Enjoy the process, and understand that small changes are leading you closer to your bigger goal. Patience is key! 

Stay accountable

What’s the best way to stick to your goals? Stay accountable! Be loud and clear about what you want to achieve! Tell your family and friends about your goal. With their support, you will be more likely to stick to your goals. 

One of the best parts about LSF is the community — so don’t take it for granted! Reach out to your fellow #LSFbabes through our challenge specific FB groups. #LSFbabes are some of the most supportive, encouraging, and motivating women in the world. Be vocal in those groups, share your challenges, your successes and lift each other up! 

If you’re ready to make a change, setting achievable goals is the first step. With the right goals in place, you will be able to set anything you set your mind to! 

To all my babes doing GOAL GETTER, I hope you all have an incredible start to the challenge! Feeling FOMO? This is your LAST CHANCE to sign up to the GOAL GETTER challenge, so get in QUICK! 

Loz xx