How To Set Goals And Actually Stick To Them

How many times have you set a huge goal for yourself and then felt disheartened when you didn’t achieve it?

For example; it’s Sunday afternoon, you’ve done your meal prep and are DETERMINED to eat healthy for the week ahead. Motivation levels are high, you feel excited and full of energy - and then... LIFE happens. Next thing you know you’re popping out to buy yourself lunch from the local cafe and your neglected meal prep is sitting there in the fridge.

If you can relate to this feeling don’t worry girl, you’re not alone. “Failing” to achieve something is simply a reflection of the approach taken, NOT you personally. Take this as an opportunity to take a step back, reframe your mind, and move forward to say goodbye to the girl who lets that sad spinach go soggy in the fridge, and hello to the queen of setting realistic and achievable goals. #LSFBabes are all about progress and moving forward, no matter the circumstances. Join your global girl gang today!

*Okay, maybe there will still be a few forgotten vegetables in the fridge – nobody’s perfect.

In this blog, I will take you through the frameworks that I used to hit my major life achievements (e.g. WBFF World Championships, starting my business, hitting performance goals in the gym etc.) so that you too can become an LSF GOAL DIGGER!

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Use the SMART Goals Framework
SMART is an acronym that is used as a tool to help you set and achieve your goals. Using the SMART framework will allow you to clarify the goal you have in mind and whether it’s suitable for you at this point in your life. When working towards the WBFF World Championships, I used this framework to break down the period of my comp prep so I knew exactly what I was working towards and what I had to do each week to get there. I found that breaking this major goal down into smaller goals was a great way to stay motivated and on track. The below graphic breaks down for you what each of the letters means and is also printable so you babes can get serious about setting those goals!

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Put pen to paper
There is some real magic in putting pen to paper! Writing out your goals allows you to visually see them, rather than just thinking about it - you’re more likely to be proactive this way. You can keep what you’ve written down in a journal, a piece of paper (as long as you don’t lose it haha), or stick them up on your wall. Remember to always keep the SMART goals framework in mind and set yourself a timeframe too.

For example, if your goal is to hit a certain number in your squat, write down: “I want to achieve an X kg/lbs squat by 2nd February 2021”.

Make an action plan
Setting a goal is one thing, but what’s equally important is knowing what actions you will need to take to reach that goal. Spend some time to figure out exactly what you need to do to get to where you want.

Continuing on with the squat example I mentioned earlier, your action plan to increase your squat would be –

• Give maximal effort in each workout and note down the weights used to track your progress in the LSF app.

• Follow your program and slowly increase weight/intensity each week to achieve progressive overload.

• Fuel your body with all the goodness it needs to ensure that you have the energy to get through your sessions and recover.

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Schedule time to assess your progress
Allocate time to assess your progress and reflect on the journey. Life inevitably gets in the way sometimes and we may need to take a step back and reevaluate our approach. If this does happen, remember to be kind to yourself! No journey is linear and a few hiccups along the way are a completely normal part of the process.

Align your environment with your goals
Does your physical environment make you feel inspired and motivated to work hard? Our surroundings, both people and places can have a big impact on our productivity of compliance with sticking to our goals. For instance, if your goal is to get up early each morning to workout - packing your gym bag and getting your activewear ready the night before means you’ll be up and ready to go in the morning! Likewise, it’s important to surround yourself with people who support and uplift you. Not everyone is going to understand the journey you’re on. Honey, remember that other’s opinions don’t define your worth. Just focus on YOU.

Congratulations, girl! You now have all the tools you need to be an LSF GOAL DIGGER. Focus on the journey, not the destination. Remember that even the smallest of actions compound over time. #LSFBabes have each other’s backs every step of the way.