The Easter break can be a relaxing but sometimes stressful period. Especially this year, when Easter may look totally different to the norm! However, it has been declared that Easter Bunny is an “essential service”. So let’s really make this Easter one for the memory books! Making an effort to stay connected with family and friends will also help us all to stay sane through this difficult time. The abundance of chocolate eggs, indulgent food and alcohol can increase anxiety over staying on track to meet training goals. This can be made even worse when you’re stuck at home 24/7!! But it doesn’t have to be stressful. I want Easter to be about relaxation and a time to recharge, without having to worry about ruining your progress. Below I outline my top tips for staying healthy and connected over Easter.

Stay connected <3 

It can be upsetting not being able to spend time with your loved ones during a time when you normally spend a lot of time together. I want all my #LSFbabes to make an effort this year to reach out to your family and friends. Either through a phone call, zoom or google hangouts, IG with a video or DM, or even a simple text message! Or get active in the #LSFbabe Facebook community forums! That’s what they’re there for! If you feel like you need support, reach out there, we’re all in this together <3 Being in a community with so many like minded people, you’re bound to meet a new friend! A lot of people are dealing with feelings of loneliness from this isolation period, and sometimes it’s okay to ride a feeling out and let yourself feel it. However if it goes on for an extended period then it might be good to reach out to others for help. If you’re in Australia we have a variety of amazing helplines you can call or websites you can go to if you need support, such as Beyond Blue, LifeLine and eHeadspace for example. Know you are not alone! <3  

Get active 

Having some time off means more time to get active, whether that be outdoors (if permitted) or an indoor workout! Try to get your movement in early in the day, that way it’s over and done before you know it and you won’t have to worry about it later in the day. Getting active will also help you if you’re struggling with your headspace at the moment. Working out at home can actually be so much fun! Get your family involved or your pets! You could also do a zoom workout with a couple of besties! Or try one of my workouts from my SHRED AT HOME program that can be done from the comfort of your home! I promise you will still feel the burn!!  

Make healthier treats! 

Easter can be a fun time to get in the kitchen and get creative. Especially now when we are advised to stay at home. Making your own chocolate or Easter treats can be a good way to get others involved in the process as well. Try making my macro friendly hot cross buns to have some fun in the kitchen!

Limit alcohol  

Limiting alcohol can be a good way to keep your goals on track. This doesn’t mean you can’t have one or two drinks, just make sure you factor it into your macros. If you’re feeling like you might overindulge, think back and remember how you feel when you do. Do you overeat? Do you lose your memory? Think of these things when you’re wanting to stay sensible and remember alcohol definitely isn’t a cure for boredom at home!! 

Flexible dieting 

The great thing about living the LSF way is flexible dieting! This means that you can indulge in some tasty treats over Easter. Just factor it in and swap out a snack or meal. When you eat this way you’ll still feel satisfied, will be much less likely to binge, and will still be on track to meet your goals.  

Beating emotional eating 

Everyone is feeling a myriad of emotions at the moment and that’s totally okay. Sometimes we just need to ride out the rollercoaster of feelings, whether that be stress, fear, anxiety, boredom or loneliness. But don’t let your emotions dictate your eating, “it’s Easter and I’m in iso so I am going to eat my bodyweight in chocolate” will not be the answer to your problems. Channel your energy and feelings in ways that are going to benefit you both inside and out. Start a new hobby, get creative with painting or drawing, watch your favorite movie or a new tv show! If those still aren’t cutting it try working on your mindset as I explain below.  

Work on your mindset 

Easter can be a time for many to overindulge in one too many chocolate eggs (believe me I’ve been there!). Especially when many of us have to stay inside this Easter, it’s important to stay mindful when we eat. It can be too easy to sit on the couch, put on some Netflix and before you know it the whole bag is gone! I really want my #LSFbabes to continue to stay mindful. To do this think about the taste, texture, smell and how much you are enjoying the food you’re eating. It’s as simple as that! When we practice this type of eating we’re a lot less inclined to overeat. 

I hope this helps you all to stay healthy over the Easter break. Truly take time to rest and recharge and get set to further smash your goals this year. Happy Easter my #LSFbabes!