Power Booty




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Are you serious about #bootygains? Then my Power Booty program is perfect for you! Access anywhere, anytime straight from the Lauren Simpson Fitness App! Power Booty is the program for the #LSFbabes wanting to grow, shape, and learn about the science behind their glutes. It’s more than just an 8 week training program with a nutrition plan and the education to help you learn not only the HOW but also the WHY! This will allow you to gain more confidence in your training as well as build a perfect peach.

Power Booty options:
BEGINNER: for my babes who are just starting out their fitness journey and are looking to learn the fundamentals of training and building their booty.

ADVANCED: for my girls who are more experienced lifters and looking to take their training to a whole new level!

What’s included:

  • 8 week training program
  • Option to swap between gym OR home workouts so you can train wherever suits you on the day!
  • Exclusive access to the Lauren Simpson App.
  • 8 week nutrition plan (regular or vegetarian) to fuel your goal
  • Delicious recipes that can be filtered for a variety of dietary requirements. 
  • New and more advanced exercises to teach you how to progress your training. 
  • Educational tips and videos to teach you proper form and exercise techniques we use throughout the program.
  • Learn about the science of your glutes, periodisation, the structure behind your programming, and common glute training mistakes and how to combat them. 
  • Nutrition tips for muscle building and my experience with mindset when it comes to gaining weight.


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You will have access to your plan for the full 8-weeks of the Power Booty plan, and when completed you will have an additional 2 weeks to access your plan. We recommend downloading your plan into the simplified PDFs during this time as your access will be cut off after this time. Unfortunately we are not able to extend access beyond this time frame. If at anytime you are unable to continue your program due to extenuating circumstances please contact the support team for assistance at


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