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This 6 week PDF program is designed for anyone wanting to build bigger, stronger, round and lifted glutes. If you have completed Power Booty 1.0 or are a more advanced trainer, then this PDF is going to provide you with all the tools you need to crush your glute building goals.

YOUR ultimate guide to glute training.

It’s not impossible to go from a pancake booty to a strong POWER BOOTY…that’s exactly what I’ve done over the years. With correct nutrition & training it is possible to build your lower body and create shape!

You will receive your ebook/PDF in its complete form and will not be able to return it for a refund.

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     Power Booty 2 includes:

    • A 6 week advanced training program targeted towards growing your glutes and strengthening your lower body
    • 3 lower body days, 1 upper body day and 2 cardio days per week
    • Glute activation - my techniques to get your glutes firing
    • Favourite glute finishers - banded and body weight finishers for the best booty pump!
    • Power Booty 2.0 includes brand new exercises and training methods to take my intermediate and advanced girls to the next level.
    • Gym or Home option BOTH included
    • This program is based on how I personally like to train my glutes.
    • Comes with exercise descriptions, video tutorials & varying tempo's to meet your needs! 

    This PDF offers so much more than the amazing training program. You will also receive educational content that offers everything you need to know about: 

    • The anatomy and function of the glutes 
    • All things muscle gain and the science behind glute growth 
    • Periodisation and the structure behind your programming 
    • Common glute training mistakes and how to combat them 
    • Nutrition tips when it comes to building lean muscle 
    • My experience with mindset when it comes to gaining weight and how to push negative thoughts aside


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