Which Supplements ACTUALLY Make A Difference?

When you’re new to supplements, it can seem quite daunting not knowing which one’s to use. But don’t worry – I’m here to set the record straight! We all know the feeling of when you’ve been working hard in a LSF challenge for a few weeks and then you suddenly hit a slump. Your energy levels decrease and you start to crave all the sweet things. This is where supplements become your new bestie!

When incorporated into a solid training routine, supplements can actually make a BIG difference by giving you the boost you need to reach your goals! So which supplements should you actually be using? And which one’s will make the biggest difference? No need for my #LSFBabes to wonder anymore, cause I’m here to break it down for you!

For appetite control + muscle gains
Protein powder is an absolute staple in my routine! Protein powder is one supplement that is SO diverse, and can help you no matter what your goal is, whether it's to lose weight, gain muscle or both! Exercise actually increases your requirements for protein, making it quite difficult to reach your protein targets without the help of protein powder! Protein is literally the building blocks of muscle, so eating enough protein is vital for building and maintaining muscle mass, and yes babes, this includes helping with booty gains ;) Protein also helps with weight loss by keeping you fuller for longer, stabilising appetite and helping reduce sweet cravings!

I LOVE OxyWhey Lean Wellness Protein in my signature flavour Choc Caramel! Not only does it provide a 25g of protein per serve, it also contains hero nutrients like probiotics for improving gut health and a digestive enzyme to help break down the protein so no bloating is experienced!

I mix a scoop of this with my oats every single morning to add more protein into my breakfast. For my plant-based babes, Blessed Protein Powder is a delicious vegan protein powder! You can use protein powder in so many ways, whether it's before or after training in a smoothie, added into meals like I do, or even use it to add protein to your desserts. The possibilities are endless!

For fat burning + energy & mood boost
For all my #LSFBabes that want to shred fat and boost energy, then a fat-burning supplement could be for you! I am obsessed with OxyShred because it gives me the benefits of both! OxyShred is unique because of its specific blend of nutrients that work together to help accelerate fat burning whilst providing energy to smash your workouts. Fat burning is boosted with key nutrients like carnitine, which actually helps transport fat into the cells of the body to be burnt as an energy source! I also love the mood boosting blend of two amino acids called tyrosine and taurine, which gives me a happy endorphin boost that lasts the whole day!

I take OxyShred 20 minutes before working out on an empty stomach so that it has time to activate the energising effect from the green coffee bean extract. I find that it helps increase my focus and concentration as well as physically boosting my energy so that I can make the most of my training session. If I’m training in the late afternoon or evening, I take OxyShred Non-Stim because I get the same fat-burning and energising benefits without the caffeine! Non-Stim still provides energy from teacrine which increases oxygen transport around the body for smooth and consistent energy. Seriously, once you train with OxyShred, you’ll never go back!

LSF OxyShred Meme

For an on-the-go protein boost

We all know what it’s like to be out and stuck without a healthy snack on hand, which is why I always carry a Lust Bar with me! Lust Bars taste super indulgent but are the perfect addition to my supplement routine because they are high in protein, which helps top up my protein intake throughout the day. Lust Bars also contain heaps of additional nutrients like collagen for hair and skin health, prebiotics for gut health, B vitamins for energy, and vitamin D for an immune system boost to keep you glowing on the inside and out. Lust Bars literally curb sweet cravings whilst also supplementing the body with so many key nutrients! I love eating one before or after the gym when I am in a rush.

Supplements can actually make such a big difference yet they are SO easy to incorporate into your daily routine. It is all about establishing your goal and then picking the type of supplement that would best suit you. Taking my daily supplements helps make the most out of my workouts, giving me that little extra help to keep my physique on track. Remember, supplements work best in combination with a nutritious diet and regular exercise, pairing perfectly with my LSF programs. Take your daily supplements and you’ll soon see and feel all the benefits!

Loz xx