Top 5 Gift Ideas For The Fitness Obsessed

Tis’ the season of giving! Buying gifts can be ultra tricky, especially when you're unsure as to what they would actually like. It can be especially challenging deciding on a gift idea for a loved one who is a fitness fanatic… After all, you want to give them something they will actually use!

If you have a friend, sibling, or relative that you know is fitness obsessed (*or maybe even for you*), we’ve got the PERFECT gift ideas! 

Booty Band Kit

A girl can never have too many booty bands! This kit is the perfect addition to any fitness routine, whether it's cardio or weight-based training at gym or home.

Booty bands can be used to make exercises more intense or easier (depending on the exercise), and to maximise muscle activation. It really does take your training to a whole new level.

This kit includes three booty bands of a light, medium, and heavy resistance that comes in a cute drawstring bag, making it not only super versatile, but also very convenient to transport for gals on the go! 

OxyWhey Choc Caramel

If you’re buying for someone who is fitness obsessed, there is a 99.5% chance that they use protein powder (*a super official statistic from me*). Protein powder is an absolute staple that helps with both muscle gain and fat loss, making it a fool-proof gift option.

OxyWhey Choc Caramel is the flavour I created with EHPlabs. Not only does it taste like Caramello Koalas, but it is SUPER versatile. You can add a scoop to oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies, pancakes… really anything! Your loved one will definitely appreciate having an extra tub of protein to experiment with!


OxyShred is a science-backed supplement that contains nutrients and herbal extracts that help to accelerate fat burning. Not only that, but it gives a hit of energy to help encourage an active lifestyle and boost your ability to smash a workout! 

Plus, OxyShred contains no artificial flavours, and tastes incredible. Kiwi Strawberry is an absolute best-seller — you really can’t go wrong with that flavour! Otherwise, I love Mango — it literally tastes like mango juice!

Passionfruit OxyShred

The Nutrition e-Book Collection

If your loved one is super into fitness, then it’s likely they are also into nutrition! The Nutrition e-Book Collection is the perfect gift for the savvy and inquisitive gals that genuinely want to learn more about how nutrition affects their fitness ability and overall health. 

This collection includes three eBooks that cover a range of topics from in-depth info about macronutrients, flexible dieting strategies, and even how to optimise nutrition for exercise performance. Knowledge is power! 

Mastering The Basics of Nutrition Collection

LSF Gift Card

Still unsure about the perfect gift? An LSF gift card is the way to go! A gift card gives your loved one the flexibility to purchase exactly what they like. Gift cards can be used to purchase LSF programs, challenges, supplements, equipment… the choice is theirs! 

This is especially a great gift if you know your loved one is an #LSFbabe. If they tend to do LSF programs and challenges back-to-back, then the gift card will be mega appreciated! 

LSF Gift Card

You don’t need to struggle to think of what to gift anymore — our gift ideas will be PERFECT for any of your fitness-obsessed loved ones! 

Loz xx