How To Set Yourself up for a Successful Challenge!

You are signed up to the EMPOWER challenge… but now what? It is so important to take the time to prepare yourself before a challenge to set yourself up for ultimate success!

Now is the time to ensure your mindset is strong, and that you have everything you need to start the EMPOWER challenge off with a bang! It’s time to get organised, babes!

Here are my top preparation tips to help set you up for a successful challenge!

Goal Setting
It’s time to set your goal girls! The best way to get the most out of this challenge is to take the time to think about exactly what you would like to achieve by the end of the 8 weeks.

How do you want your physique to transform? How do you want to feel? Is there a particular exercise you want to nail? Once you have your goals set, you can use this as motivation throughout the challenge to keep you on track!

Check out my previous blog for all my tips on how to set goals and actually stick to them.

Set non-aesthetic goals too!
I want you girls to set some goals that aren’t related to the physical side of your journey. Perhaps you want to practice a positive mindset consistently, build your confidence or find new ways to empower those around you. Our mental well being is SO important. It’s important to consider all facets of your life, not just how you look on the outside.

Get your equipment ready!
This is especially important if you plan to be working out from home! You can switch between gym and home workouts at any time during the challenge.

If you are planning on doing the home workouts, you will need a booty band, a long resistance band, and dumbbells to complete the set exercises. These equipment will help increase the intensity of your home workouts so you can get maximum results.

My yoga mat is also the perfect addition to home workouts so you have a comfy surface to do your exercises on!

If you plan on just doing gym workouts, some additional equipment can also come in handy. My LSF ankle straps are perfect for attaching to the cable machine at the gym so you can do some of my favourite glute building exercises like cable kickbacks!

You can also use the booty band in your gym workouts as a glute finisher, and to intensify exercises like squats and hip thrusts!

Don’t forget your supps!
Still unsure which supplements ACTUALLY make a difference? Don’t worry, girl! I’ve got you!

Changing up your diet and exercise routine can be tricky, sometimes you may experience low energy and sugar cravings as your body adjusts – but this is where supplements come in!

To combat this, some LSF recipes use OxyWhey Protein Powder to help keep you full, stabilise energy levels and help you build lean muscle! You’ll find protein powder in many of the breakfast recipes, smoothie recipes, and even some dessert recipes for this exact reason!

I also strongly recommend my #LSFbabes use OxyShred to help boost energy levels, increase fat burning and improve your mental focus at the gym! I love taking a scoop of OxyShred with water before the gym to give me that extra push to train harder. The flavours are also delliccouuss and totally satisfy sweet cravings. If you’ve never tried it before, EMPOWER is the perfect time to give it a go!

Since I want all of you to experience the boost supplements really give, I have partnered with EHP to give you a MEGA discount! Simply add the EMPOWER Challenge to your cart and you will be prompted to add OxyShred, OxyWhey and Acetyl-L Carnitine at a massively discounted price!

Want it all? I have created the EMPOWER Challenge bundle to include supplements, booty bands AND a shaker!

Join the Facebook community
One of the best things about LSF is that you also gain a group of strong, like minded women who’ve got your back no matter what! Make sure you join the private Facebook community. #LSFBabes are the biggest hype girls and this is definitely something we look for when choosing challenge winners. We want to see you in the Facebook group and on Instagram, hyping up your girls and reminding them of the QUEENS they are.

Babes, I am SO excited to coach you through the EMPOWER challenge. The best part of these challenges is seeing everyone in the LSF community continually encouraging, supporting and uplifting one another. We truly are a global girl gang! Feel like you’re missing out? It’s not too late to join us!

Loz xx