Get Ready To Glow Up

Babes, your BIGGEST transformation of the year is here!

The GLOW UP challenge is BACK and better than ever. Get ready to SHOW UP and GLOW UP in ALL aspects of your life so you can look and feel your best!

The GLOW UP challenge is focused on building round glutes and a tight core for an extraordinary physique to end your year with a bang! PLUS, GLOW UP gives you exclusive content from me about how to GLOW UP your beauty routine, health and lifestyle.

What can I expect from the GLOW UP workouts?

GLOW UP features a new and improved 8 week training program with TWO LEVELS!

For the first time EVER, we have an EXPRESS training option! This features 4 full body workouts per week, lasting 30-40 minutes per session. Get the SAME results in only 4 days of workouts. This is PERFECT for all the busy gals heading into the festive season! 

We also have the TRAIN LIKE LOZ level, which includes 5-6 workouts per week, lasting 1+ hour per session. Training split is 3x lower body/core, 2x upper body/cardio, and an extra cardio day. 

Of course, you can switch between HOME and GYM at any time during the challenge. All you’ll need for home workouts are dumbbells, booty bands, and a long resistance band.

What can I expect from the GLOW UP meals?

We have 50+ NEW and exciting recipes added specifically for this challenge. All recipes are designed by our LSF nutritionists to ensure you're getting delicious meals that also meet your nutrient requirements.

We have new delicious air fryer recipes to get the party started this festive season. Some of my favourites include beef sausage rolls, sweet chilli tenders and chips and mini hawaiian pizzas 😍

We have also included FESTIVE recipes that you can enjoy during the silly season. Wait till you try the gingerbread overnight oats and the candy cane protein shake 😋

New meals are put into the 8 week meal plan that you will access through the LSF app. Don’t like a specific meal? No problem! Use the ‘swap’ feature to change it for a different recipe on the LSF database! 

What else does GLOW UP include?

• Weekly check-ins + Facebook live chats with Lauren.
• Video tip content covering nutrition, training and lifestyle. Such as progressing your pull ups, navigating the silly season and building confidence in and outside the gym!
• Lifestyle / girly content covering my secrets (makeup + skincare + confidence tips AND MORE)!
• Access to our exclusive Facebook forum, with weekly tasks to connect you with #LSFbabes from all over the globe!

What is PRE-SEASON and do I have to do it?

Consider PRE-SEASON our bonus gift to you! With every GLOW UP sign up, you will also be able to sign up to PRE-SEASON for FREE!

As soon as you sign up to GLOW UP, you get to start PRE-SEASON right away!

PRE-SEASON is a 4 week program that you do BEFORE GLOW UP starts. It is designed to get your body ready for the challenge, so once GLOW UP starts, you can train to the best of your ability. It also includes a 4 week meal plan to get you used to meal prepping and eating healthy.

You do not have to do preseason, but it is recommended to get your body in shape before the challenge.

How do I switch from PRE-SEASON to GLOW UP?

You need to manually switch over from PRE-SEASON to GLOW UP once the challenge starts.

On OCTOBER 14TH 2021 you need to switch to GLOW UP within the app. Do this by pressing ‘More’ on the bottom right hand of the screen, press ‘All Plans’, then press ‘Glow Up Challenge’.

How do I sign up?

This challenge is for my #LSFbabes wanting to end their year on a high! Feel and look your best while being part of an incredible community.

This challenge is designed for all fitness levels and is perfect for those wanting rounder glutes, shredded abs and increased fitness. Get ready to enhance your physique and bring out your natural GLOW! 

So are you ready to GLOW UP? SIGN UP NOW to secure your spot! 

Loz xx