Everything You Need to Know About the GOAL GETTER Challenge

That’s right, babes! The GOAL GETTER Challenge is back, bigger and better than ever, and honey, this time we’re doing things on your terms! For the first time ever, you will choose your training program based on your goal. Whether you’re looking to shred body fat or build your glutes – this is the challenge for you!
This blog will take you through everything you need to know about the GOAL GETTER Challenge and answer all of your frequently asked questions.

Key dates & information

Start date: Monday 29th March.
• 8 week challenge including nutrition, training & mindset coaching from me!
• Choose your program based on your goal – SHRED or PERFECT PEACH.
• 5-6 day training program.
• You will get FULL access to the LSF app for the duration of the challenge including; workouts, nutrition, mindset tips and educational videos.
• Recipe-based meal plan tailored to your goal with a daily calorie breakdown included
• Go in the chance to win a $5,000 USD prize pack!

GOAL-GETTER Definition

So, what's your goal?

This one is for my babes who are looking to drop body fat and get shredded AF! Over 8 weeks you will do your workouts made up of a combination of weights, cardio and high intensity exercises to ramp up your fat burning.

• HOME or GYM workouts – switch between the two at anytime.
• You will be in a calorie deficit for the 8-weeks to achieve this goal. Choose from hundreds of recipes in the meal plans, no more boring chicken & broccoli!

Chasing after those #bootygains in 2021? PERFECT PEACH is the squad for you. Over 8 weeks you will do strength-based workouts focusing on progressive overload to build lean muscle and create a feminine shape.

• You will eat at maintenance or in a calorie surplus for the 8-weeks to achieve this goal. We are eating like queens this challenge!
• HOME or GYM workouts – switch between the two at anytime.

Check out our previous challenge winners!

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What’s the difference between GOAL GETTER SHRED & the regular SHRED program?
The GOAL GETTER (shred) is a brand new program with 20+ new exercises added. This once-off challenge program is slightly more challenging than the regular shred program and has cardio and boxing exercises incorporated to maximise your fat burning!

When will I get access to the LSF app?
App access will open on Thursday 25th March.

What equipment do I need for home workouts?
All you need are booty bands and dumbbells for home workouts! This is across both the shred and perfect peach options.

Can I switch between perfect peach and shred?
Yes! You can switch between the 2 programs easily in the app.

Will I still be able to choose my nutrition program?
Yes! You will be able to select your nutrition program once app access opens on Thursday 25th March.

Can I start the program after the 29th of March?
You can start the challenge up to 2 weeks late (April 12th)

Can I pause my current LSF program when the challenge starts?
Of course! Once app access opens and you create your challenge account, you can easily pause your current program and then resume once the challenge is finished.

How long will I have access to the challenge program for?
From the 29th of March, you will have access to the GOAL GETTER program in the app for a total of 10 weeks. 8 weeks for the duration of the challenge and then an additional 2 weeks.

Is there a prize for this challenge?
Yes, babe! The winner of this challenge will receive a $5,000 USD prize pack including; $3,000 USD cash, 1 year worth of LSF programs and 1 year worth of EHPlabs supplements!

So, are you ready to rewrite your story?