All About BIKINI x STRONG Challenge!

Get ready to become the strongest and sexiest version of yourself!

BIKINI X STRONG is back babes, but this time, with NEW workouts, NEW meal plans & so many NEW app features!

If you’ve been looking for the perfect 8-week challenge to shred, shape and sculpt your body, BIKINI X STRONG is for you! 

So, what's BIKINI X STRONG all about?
BIKINI X STRONG is an 8-week challenge designed to transform your body and mind to build a strong and feminine physique. Any ‘body’ is bikini-ready and we want you to feel bold enough to wear that bikini with pride! 

I am going to coach you to become the strongest and fiercest version of yourself. Over the 8 weeks, you will learn to lift like a boss, fuel your body and master your mindset so that you are UNSTOPPABLE! 

I have learnt so many lessons from becoming WBFF Bikini World Champion. I know exactly what it is like to train your body and mind to achieve a strong and sexy physique. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learnt with you! 

Using the methods that got me to the Bikini World Champion stage, I am going to coach you through workouts that are going to shred and sculpt your body, whilst following a delicious meal plan AND boosting your confidence along the way! 

What's new with BIKINI X STRONG?

BIKINI X STRONG is back and it’s better than ever! Of course, there are all new workouts and 50+ additional new recipes to help you build your bikini body, but we’ve also included some new features! 

Upon signing up, you immediately get access to a 3 week, pre-season training program! This includes a full 3-week meal plan, and 4 workouts per week to get your body prepped for when the challenge starts.

There are TWO training levels — REGULAR, which is designed for beginner-intermediate trainers, or TRAIN LIKE LOZ, which is for advanced trainers. Don’t stress if you can’t decide, you can switch between the two upon signing up so you can see which one would be best for you! 

We will also be featuring a RECIPE OF THE WEEK step-by-step instructional video to help bring the new recipes to life! 

Plus, the LSF app has gotten a major makeover! You’ll get to experience a totally redesigned and updated version of the app to complete your challenge with ease! 

When does the challenge start?
Upon signing up, you immediately get access to the preseason training program via the LSF app.

Following that, the BIKINI X STRONG challenge begins on Monday 16th August 2021.  

What is the training split?
The training split is the same between GYM and HOME workout plans. You can switch between GYM and HOME at any time. 

Training split slightly differs between REGULAR and LIFT LIKE LOZ levels. 
• REGULAR (beg-int): 5-6 workouts per week 3x lower body, 2x upper body, 1x cardio/abs workouts each week.
• LIFT LIKE LOZ (adv): 5-6 workouts per week 2x lower body, 2x upper body, 2x cardio/abs workouts each week. 

What equipment do I need for home workouts?
All you will need are dumbbells, booty bands and a long resistance band!

What if I don't like the food on my meal plan?
With over 750+ recipes in the LSF app, I promise, there will be meals you love!

You are able to use the ‘swap’ function to swap out any meal in your meal plan for a different recipe in the LSF app you prefer instead. Don’t worry babes, you won’t be eating plain chicken and broccoli.

My #LSFbabes fav recipes include pizza tortillas, enchiladas, protein pancakes and more!

Can I start the program after Monday 16th August? 
You may start the challenge up to two weeks after the challenge begins.

How long will I have access to the challenge program for?
You will have access to the challenge via the LSF app for two weeks after the challenge end date. You can download your challenge as a simplified PDF for future use. 

So, are you ready to get strong and sexy? Join BIKINI X STRONG now!

Loz xx